Who are we?

“Whoever gives you a freshly baked cinnamon roll, that person is your true friend.” Daniel Handler

who are we

LOVE A BIG Cinnamon Roll

As Cake Yard, we believe in the power of our brand to connect with our guests. In fact, we realized that staying hidden in people's memories, ideas and happy moments with a different flavor is much more valuable than some things.

We have made great efforts to create a different and unforgettable flavor for people on this road that we started with 30 years of experience. We have made the cinnamon rolls, which we have prepared with hundreds of trials, a new flavor on its own with different sauces and different ingredients. In order to preserve this new and magnificent taste, we have undertaken all the processes from the materials used to the cooking temperature, from packaging to shipping, and we have worked diligently for this.

We get the reward of a great effort with nice comments on our tastes. Even these thoughts We believe that it creates a sincere bond between our brand and people.

To the happiest moments with Cake Yard…