Franchising System

Cake yard Franchising System

Franchising offers numerous advantages for entrepreneurs. It is a kind of economic-contractual relationship that guarantees growth, autonomy and support. Being a franchise at Cake yard means that you benefit from an already functioning business model and apply it to your own business.

Success Rate of Franchise Businesses 95%

One of the main reasons many entrepreneurs choose franchising is not to start from scratch. By choosing a franchise business, it is possible to count on a productive start-up, both structurally and commercially. According to the statistics, it is seen that an entrepreneur who establishes his own business can achieve a success rate of 35% in the first 5 years. However, a business that sets out with a franchise system has a 95% probability of success in the same period.

Why Should I Become a Franchise?

Being a franchise at cake yard means you benefit from our well-known and widespread brands. Building a well-known brand that has its own identity and is valued in a particular market niche is among the most complex business processes, both small and large. If you want to avoid the difficulties of creating your own brand, you can have the opportunity to use the franchise brands of Ercan Burger by choosing the franchise system.

 We help you with market analysis and best selling point research.
 We manage the entire logistics process.
 Before starting your job, we organize trainings to help you learn both the technical and commercial aspects of the job.
 We support you in all processes with a sustainable profitability.
 We include you in our advertising campaigns.
 We design and build our branches to create a beautiful, inviting and at the same time functional environment.

 We provide supervision and coordination in terms of management with our professional team

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